Friday, April 20, 2007

Small towns

We have had the pleasure of living in some really great places. Right now is no exception. Our community is a nice, smallish university town with great events for children and young families.

Last weekend, to celebrate the Day of the Young Child, and to bring awareness to child abuse prevention, our town had a Youthfest. Jacob was in heaven.

He got to ride on the train (one of his favorite activities), paint pictures, bounce in the bounce house, see his favorite librarian Miss Ashley, listen to performers and run around. What a great day!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Jacob's Comments Part II

Easter weekend we went to San Saba to visit Nick's parents. Jacob was in his usual adorable form, so here are some of my favorite comments from the weekend:


Papou (what Jacob calls Nick's father): "Wow Jacob, it looks like you've grown another foot!"

Jacob: No response, just looks down quizzically at his two feet, searching for the new one.


Gia-gia: After placing five eggs in a bowl for scrambled eggs: Jacob, how many eggs are there?

Jacob: one...two...three...four...five!

Gia-gia: Good job. Adding one more egg. Now how many are there?

Jacob: looking at Gia-gia like she is crazy - One more!

I love my boy.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Jacob's Comments

I love what comes out of Jacob's mouth. His mind constantly amazes me - and makes me laugh.

Today, I asked Jacob to help me wash some dishes. He pushed a kitchen chair over to the sink and said "Ok, Mommy. I'll use this chair." He looked me up and down. "You just use your legs."


Jacob and I are lucky to belong to the San Marcos Playgroup, an amazing group of parents, grandparents and kids that get together throughout the week.

This week we went to Central Cheer, a gymnastics type place that opens their facility up every Wednesday for playgroups. We haven't been there since last fall, so it was pretty brand new for Jacob.

He loved it so much! He ran around, played under the parachute with his friends, and even jumped into the foam pit - what fun!