Thursday, May 17, 2007

Catch up

Things have been so crazy lately! I apologize for not writing sooner. Hopefully I'll be able to remember everything that has happened...

Nick finished up his classes for the semester and is now almost finished with his GA stuff. Nick's professor coauthored a new textbook, and Nick was responsible for creating the companion website. It has been a great learning experience, and wonderful for his CV, as he will be listed as an author. Woohoo!

I've managed to fit a business visit to NY in two weeks ago. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see my parents, but I did get super pumped up for camp! Nick, Jacob and I are really looking forward to a summer at camp again - we've missed it the past two summers! We will be out of the TX heat, and I will have the opportunity to be a head counselor at a new (to me) camp. We've been busy planning and trying to get everything ready for it, but as time draws closer we can't seem to hide our excitement! Jacob asks repeatedly "can we go to camp now?"

Jacob has celebrated his third birthday this month - all month! We had a terrific "friend" party May 3, and the fun has continued with a small family party (Nick, Jacob and me), more visits with friends who couldn't attend, and a party at PapouGiagia's house including Grandmother and Grandfather and Progiagia! What fun - and he will have another party when we get to NY in a week with my parents. I don't know how we can top this year - Jacob is certainly loving his birthday and completely understands the meaning of the word "party."

Jacob is in a wonderful phase right now where he says "sure" all of the time - as in "I sure do love you," and "this sure is my favorite game." It is quite adorable, though we are still trying to figure out where he got it.

I had a lovely Mother's Day too. What could be better than spending time with the two most handsome men on the planet? Jacob and Nick let me sleep late, and they both prepared a delicious dinner. I am one lucky lady.

Some more fun Jacob moments:

Nick was a little late in picking me up at the airport, mainly because he took a wrong turn while he was circling. After he picked me up, as we were driving, Nick pointed to the road that he accidentally turned down. Jacob, commenting on it from the backseat said "yeah, Daddy is not too smart." Indicted by a three year old!

Jacob and I decided to bring lunch to Daddy during a particularly busy day on campus. After we finished spending time with Nick, we boarded the elevator in the education building to head back to our car. The elevator was full of smart, professional woman (they just exuded confidence and collegiate-ness) and Jacob charmed them. After striking up a conversation, Jacob felt compelled to share a random thought:
"When I was a baby, I drank milk from my mommy's boobie." I wanted to die, but just smiled amid all of the laughter.