Sunday, September 20, 2009

Block Party

Yesterday, we had our neighborhood block party. It was such a blast! While we were there we ran into our neighbors, which made it even more fun. Jacob loves spending time with his friend Emma - from the first minute they saw each other they were racing off together, holding hands. I loved spending time with Emma's mom Jamie, and Nick always enjoys speaking with Michael, Emma's Dad. We went around to all the booths together. They had some fire trucks/emergency vehicles, some maintenance vehicles, and lots of food. They also had a place were the kids could make a rocket and then shoot it off. The nice woman at the table gave Emma and Jacob a big hint - the rockets went higher if you cut the tails to triangles. Boy, did they fly high!!

Sam had a good time too - his favorite part was dancing to the music while Jacob was in the bounce house! Here is a sampling of his moves:

(P.S. Ok, so I honestly thought that I rotated this when I edited it in imovie. I was wrong, and am apparently too lazy to change it. Feel free to ignore the video of Sam. Also, please forgive the pictures, they were taken with my phone and not my camera!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Soccer Jacob

Jacob started soccer this past week. He has been looking forward to it all summer long. We were going to sign him up for it last spring in TX, but with preparing for the move I didn't want to add anything else to our already hectic schedule. We bought him a team USA jersey a few weeks ago in preparation for the World Cup next summer (Nick can't wait), and he has his own uniform from his team, the light blue team - which we have unofficially named the "Blue Thunder." Tuesday night was his first game and it was a blast! He is in a non-competitive league, and he really loves it so much. You can see the happiness on his face when he is out on the field.

And let's be honest, it is completely amusing to see a whole gaggle of kindergarteners chasing after a soccer ball in a clump.

Jacob is in kindergarten!

I can't believe that Jacob is in kindergarten! He loves it so much - everyday he hurries me to the car because he wants to be there.

The night before Jacob started school, we had a celebration with all of his favorite foods: homemade chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese, peas and chocolate cake. We talked about our family theme for the year "anchoring our souls to Christ," in family home evening, and then Nick gave Jacob a father's blessing. It was wonderful! We also presented Jacob with his very own school journal that I had made for him. I look forward to seeing the pages filled with his memories and pictures.

Walking in! My big, brave boy.

Family fun

After Nick’s crazy week-long three-credit class, we spent some time outdoors playing football, swinging, and just plain having fun as a family. We love the weather here in Utah, and we are trying to take advantage of it every opportunity that we can!

And my favorite photo? This one:

What does that say about me as a mom?