Monday, August 6, 2007

Catch Up

Well, it has been almost three months since we've written in this blog, and I totally apologize. Our life has been crazy, and will continue to be until we return to Texas after our summer job. Nick and I decided to go back and work for a camp again this summer - and it has been absolutely, wonderfully crazy.

We left Texas towards the end of May and drove two FULL days to Long Island to visit my parents and my childhood home. It was great fun, seeing my family, my friends and beautiful Long Island. We spent a week and a half with them, doing all things Long Island-ish - bagels, beaches and the occasional jaunt to Sayville parks. We swam in the sound, the Hampton Bay and the Atlantic ocean, and took the train and subway to NYC to visit the Museum of Natural History - Jacob was in heaven. One of my favorite moments? Jacob befriending a little boy on the NY subway, and listening to them sing a song they made up between 42nd and 54th streets.

We then drove up to beautiful New Hampshire, where we have been ever since. Camp here is amazing. My day is really packed - my first meeting is at 7:30 am and some nights I am on until 1 am, but it is really enjoyable working with kids again. This summer we are at an all-girls camp which is a new experience that I am loving. First session I was responsible for around 75 campers and 30 staff, and this session I am responsible for 50 campers and 16 staff. The campers finish on August 15th, and we will begin our journey back to TX around the 18th or so.

Jacob has been loving camp too. He has three wonderful nannies, and three other playmates that really make it fun. This summer he has learned to put his face in the water and "swim," he has been horseback riding and he has spent countless days playing on the soccer fields, the tennis courts and the lake. And, of course, at an all-girls camp, he is a major hit. The campers lavish him with attention and he eats it all up.

Nick enjoys his job at camp too. He works with transportation, so he is off-camp most days. It is nice because his job is somewhat flexible and he can take time off to be with Jacob frequently.

I will write in this blog more frequently once life returns to normal again. If you are interested in looking at some pictures our nannies took of Jacob, check out this link:

Hope all is well with everyone!

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