Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fun Family Times

Last night, before I ran out to the Obama rally, Nick, Jacob and I engaged in a fun game of "Ants in my Pants." It is one of Jacob's favorite games, and it turned into one of the silliest ever.

In the middle of playing, Nick and I looked up from our feverish attempts to get our ants in Mr.Dog's pants to see Jacob, looking like this:
Pretty soon, we couldn't contain ourselves either. Ants ended up everywhere, and Jacob's giggling was absolutely contagious.

What a great night.

Here are some of our recent favorite Jacob comments:

When questioned by an adult "How old are you?" Jacob's response, as of late, has been, "Well, my mom thinks I'm three, but I'm really 16." When the adult (in this case a stranger at Gymboree) further queried, "Sixteen?" Jacob elaborated, "I can drive."

Tonight, after Jacob's bath, I was lotioning him up and holding his underpants open for him to step into. I noticed a stray hair on his penis from the towel, and said "oh, a hair." Jacob's response? "I'm growing up!"

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Russ said...

ants in my pants was one of my fav. games growing up. I've never had anyone else know what it is.