Thursday, May 15, 2008

Catch-up and Highlights

It has been forever since I have written anything of substance in this blog - I am so sorry. This entry is my penance, and I hope to cover some of the highlights of the past few months in our little (but expanding) family.

- Nick got a job! Nick is finished with his graduate coursework, and has been interviewing for intern positions across the state. He was hired at our number one choice school district AND at full starting salary (not intern salary!). Starting August 13th Nick will be a school psychologist at an elementary school nearby.

- We are upgrading to a three bedroom apartment, on our way to our own home in two years! We are lucky that our current apartment complex worked with us, so we are only moving diagonally upstairs. We plan to move around July 1st, 9 days before baby Sam is due. We are so happy that we get to stay in this wonderful town and community - we have grown to love the area over the past two years, and we are excited to stay here permanently.

- Jacob turned 4! I can't believe that my little man is growing up so quickly. He is such a joy and a pleasure to be around. I don't know how ready I am for his pre-school in the Fall - he tells me he is ready all of the time, but I know it will be an adjustment for me!

- We had some wonderful visits over the past few months. We enjoyed the Easter holiday at my in-law's home with Nick's brother Raymond, his wife Allison, and their two sons, Joshua and Paul. Nick's sister Ana, her husband Thomas and their son Will joined us as did Nick's sister Michelle. It was a nice holiday, and it was great seeing everyone. Jacob and Joshua (one year apart) were especially taken with each other. I am so excited to watch them grow up together.

We also had a visit from my parents! They flew out from Utah and proceeded to spoil us like crazy for six days. It was wonderful - we ate delicious food, played some fun games (Cheeky Monkey!), and had some great discussions. Jacob certainly loves his grandma and grandpa, and we are blessed by their kindness and generosity.

My best friend Megan visited us for two days after her business conference up in Dallas. It was fun catching up and talking, eating, talking and eating. We celebrated Jacob's birthday with her, and Jacob couldn't get enough of his Aunt Meggie. Megan is also the photographer responsible for the beautiful pictures.

- I am now 32 weeks pregnant! I can't believe it - well, some days I really believe it. We've decided that Sam is claustrophobic. He is constantly moving, kicking, punching, sliding, etc. He is so active - sometimes we get scared. It is nice to have a reminder every other minute that I am pregnant. We are looking forward to meeting this little man.

- I had a beautiful Mother's Day. Nick and Jacob picked me the most beautiful bouquet of wildflowers. It was absolutely perfect. Later on that day, they showed me the field where they picked them, and it was all mowed down! Jacob cried for a bit; he was really sad that the flowers were all gone. He said, "but how will the earth be pretty if the flowers are gone?" I love him.


Sarah Louise said...

My gosh, I love you. Thank goodness you posted. I was afraid worlds had collapsed on your head, a head I love so dearly.

Man, I wish I could be there with you to celebrate the new babe (wahoo!), the new job (RIGHT ON, Nick!), and the apartment (ah, you're Texans now for sure).

I love you so much.

Emma said...

Well I am glad you have caught up before Sam comes! Congratulations on all your recent blessings! It sounds like ya'll have had a wonderful spring! We love you!