Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My boys

I love being the mother of boys - it is so much fun. Trucks, swords and lego "shooters" have taken over my life. The colors blue, green and red dominate our home, as does kara-tay, wrestling and soccer. The volume in our home is consistently loud, and we have yet to make it into church with Jacob's shirt still tucked in.

And the hugs. The kisses, the smiles and the knowledge that I am the girl of the house, and I have three males to defend my honor - that I cherish.

Just a few reasons to love my guys:
  • his love of knowledge. When we go to the library, he bypasses the nice picture books and stories and heads straight for the non-fiction section. He wants to learn things, and he goes through phases with it. So far this summer our family has learned about: lobsters, crabs, whales, germs, viruses, volcanoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and dinosaurs. I love that he loves learning, and I am being taught by him too.
  • his persistence. Ever since we studied lobsters (my personal favorite library book? Lobsters: Gangsters of the Sea), Jacob has had a desire to go to the restaurant Red Lobster. We pass by it on the way to church, and he shouts with joy. He knows that we will be going there to celebrate Daddy's first paycheck from his new job in two weeks, and he has even gone so far as to make a paper chain (with my help). When Jacob decides something, he keeps with it.
  • the way he comes into our bedroom to shower me with kisses before I am officially "awake." He gives me hugs, says "I love you" a minimum of 30 times a day and sings songs for me. I love his stories, and I love his love. I hope to be worthy of it.

  • has the cutest sneezes, followed by the best sighs of relief. His sneezes come in packs of five, and they take a lot out of a little man. After they are finished, he always sighs with such relief that it makes me laugh.
  • has the most hilarious grunts. He has almost made up his own language, consisting solely of grunts, red/purple faces and fist waving. I love it, and try to communicate to him in his own language. Also, after waking up, Sam relishes his stretches so completely. I love that he stretches out each individual muscle, and does it with such contentment.
  • is a content little boy. He radiates peace and love, and he has already made our home a better place. I can't imagine our life without him, and I am so grateful for his presence in our home. He completes our little family.

  • is always willing to get me a glass of ice water, regardless of the time of day or night. He answers every request of mine, no matter how frivolous, with a smile. He has even run out to the convenience store at midnight to buy ice because the water here tastes nasty. That is love.
  • makes me laugh more than anyone else in my life (though Sarah O. is a close second!). He not only laughs at my silly puns, but responds with his own. He never courtesy laughs at my jokes - he genuinely thinks that I am funny, which is true love too.
  • helps me live my dreams. He takes care of me, teaches me, laughs with me, leads me and makes me a better person. He challenges me, is more patient with me and is always willing to forgive. I hope to be worthy of his love.


Theo Fam said...

I LOVED this post! Your boys are precious...and I love them dearly. I too relish my days filled with noise, dirt, and little boys.

Sarah Louise said...

That's it. This post is ridiculously convincing. I'm revising my original plan to ignore anyone but you when I come to San Marcos and, instead, will spend quality time with each of your boys when I come to visit. I wonder what you'll do while Nick and I are out on the town.

(Nick, movie?)

Emma said...

LAURA! What a lovely post. We love your boys. I especially love the way you find the joy in all the boyness that you are surrounded with and share your sweet spirit with them. That is why you ARE worthy of their love! We love all of you soo much!

Sara said...

So sweet! I love those newborn baby stretches too.

Anna said...

You are an author. I loved reading this entry. So beautiful, I felt like I caught a real glimpse, a beautiful glimpse, of your life and your boys. Like you're actually living what Elder Ballard suggested, and enjoying the doing more than the getting it done. I love you! You guys are beautiful.

Anna said...

Could I say beautiful again?


There, I said it. : )