Monday, April 20, 2009

Pictures of the boys (with some catch-up)...again

Our Primary at church had an Easter activity for the children. They had an egg hunt (which Jacob loved) and they also had an Easter museum. They visited different tables with objects signifying Christ's last week on earth, and also the resurrection. Jacob paid great attention, and was very interested. I love this photo because it shows his intent on the subject. Also, later on that evening as we went out for dinner with Nick's parents, Jacob recounted the whole thing to his Papou and Giagia. They were both impressed.

Sam is a funny boy. He has pretty much skipped the whole baby food thing. He much prefers "real" food. His favorites? Guacamole, meat, and peas. This photo was taken after a dinner of herbed chicken, roasted potatoes, and dilled peas. He was in heaven.

Jacob on the playground. As much as I begrudge Texas heat in the summer, it sure makes for beautiful springs and falls. We are definitely taking advantage of this weather.

Sam in his little Lord Fauntleroy outfit, as my mother-in-law calls it. The light from the window is hitting his face funny, but I do love how beautiful he looks.

And a shot of San Marcos. My friend, Hilary, and I are still taking photography lessons (well, we've had two so far) and we decided to take some shots of the surrounding area last week. We had a lot of fun under this train trestle, and we enjoyed the practice.


Russ said...

These are fantastic. I don't know why I never noticed this post before. : )

Carrie Allen said...

Sam looks just like you Laura!