Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jacob's imaginary friend

We were curious how Jacob would handle the move - saying goodbye to all of the friends he loves, and moving from the only home he can really remember. We were impressed with his resilience, and with his excitement.

He also coped with the move by introducing us to a new member of the family - his imaginary friend. His name? John the Baptist. Yes.

I must admit, I never thought that I would hear the phrase "John the Baptist thinks you are beautiful, Mommy" come out of my son's mouth. Go figure.

And to add, here is a picture of Jacob enjoying TX BBQ one last time before we left. The kid loves his TX BBQ.


Emma said...

John the Baptist thinks you are beautiful! That is fabulous! I think TX bbq sounds great. I wish I could have some!

Heather said...

That is adorable <3

Violet has an imaginary pet mouse named Diamond. It's a baby mouse. Between being forced to babysit her imaginary mouse and her dolls I feel like I'm running a daycare. Does John the Baptist babysit? I could use some backup.