Monday, September 22, 2008

Cloth Diapers

We recently switched to cloth diapers for Sam. It wasn't a hasty decision. We (I) did tons of research online, went to a cloth diapering class, and considered all of the different options. Cloth diapering sure is different nowadays!

The cloth diaper switch has been fun. After attending a class a few weeks ago, we received a bunch of great information. Nick and I discussed which route we wanted to take (there are so many options -pre-folds, all-in-ones (AIOs), pocket, etc.) and we decided to go with fuzzibunzs (FBs), which are a specific type of pocket diaper. I was ok with the pre-folds (kind of what you imagine them to be like back in the day - a folded cloth with a cover) - they were cheaper - but Nick really liked the ease of the FBs. They are most similar to disposable diapers, and I really liked the snaps. They were a little price-y, but we consider it an investment. We bought 16 diapers, and I do a load every other day.

Taking care of them is so easy. We bought a diaper sprayer that attaches directly to our bathroom toilet. After we change Sam's poop diaper, we just bring it to the toilet and spray it with the water, flushing the water down when we finish.There is also an insert in the diaper that goes in the tupperware tub that we keep in the bathroom where we store the diapers until it is time for laundry. Oh, we also spray the poo diapers with bac-out, an environmentally friendly
cleaner that deodorizes and treats the dirty diaper.

On laundry day I just throw the diapers in the wash and run a cold water cycle with out any detergent. I then run a hot water cycle using Allen's detergent (safe for cloth diapers). I pop the diapers in the dryer and run it on low. When they come out, I re-stuff the diapers with the insert. It is really easy! Oh, you only use around a tablespoon of the powdered detergent, so it lasts a long time.

We also bought an extra pkg of inserts. At night time we double up on the inserts, increasing the absorbency of the diapers. The diapers themselves are amazing. They are so soft (the inside is micro-fleece) and we are both impressed with the absorbency. They really keep the bum dry, even when the diaper is full! That is because the fleece wicks the moisture away, filling up the insert.

When we first started this journey, Nick was not completely sold on the idea but supportive. Now he is totally converted. We originally decided to use disposable diapers for errands and church. Yesterday Sam had a blowout diaper after church, and the disposable could not contain it. We have never had that issue with the cloth diaper, even though Sam has been gassy lately (I need to avoid nuts!). Nick now wants us to use cloth all the time. I understand his sentiments.

There are so many different cloth diapers out there, and I really believe that they address all different needs. We love this brand, and really enjoy using it. The staff at the store we bought them at were incredibly helpful, and they are available for any questions we may have.

I am so glad we made the switch, and I can't believe how easy it was! I only wish I had done it with Jacob, but I am glad to be doing it now. We are now preparing to make the switch to cloth wipes!


Heather said...

Hi Laura! I stumbled across your blog, and I hope you don't mind me commenting, but this is something I feel SO passionatly about, I couldn't help but want to give some advice. Ben and I use cloth and have since our second child was born.

FB are great, we did a combination of those and prefolds and kissaluv's and fitteds with Violet (a little bit of everything I guess!). Ben liked the ease of pockets. I personally don't like the PUL covers on FB or other PUL covers, and prefer fitteds and wool covers (I love to knit, and the wool is better for babies bottom and the enviorment).

Anyway, one of my dearest friends has a cloth store at She sells high end one size fitteds that are to die for. If you don't mind spending the money they are the best thing ever!

But what I wanted to suggest to you are her wetbags. She has several sizes and I adore them. The hanging pail wetbags are SO much better than a plastic container, because you just throw them in with the diapers to wash. Plastic tends to hold on to smells and be gross after awhile. We did a plastic pail originally and after awhile it was a little gross. And she has smaller wetbags that you can throw in the diaper bag for when you are out so you can do cloth anywhere.

I'm always so excited to see people using cloth! It really isn't pricey at all in the long run, and it is great to never have to worry about running out of diapers or all of those nasty chemicals on your babies bottom. Congratulations!

(and again, I hope I'm not overreaching by posting here, feel free to delete)

Hilary said...

Look at you updating your impressed

Anna said...

This is Anna Lewis (Formerly Anna Kohler). I found your blog through Sarah's blog and was delighted to see pictures of your offspring and here your wisdom about cloth diapers. I am now considering switching.

Anyway, remember our time together with fathers in prison and the wonderful Dayster?

I love you!

Trisha said...

Laura, I'm SO glad that you posted this! Ken and I have looked into cloth diapers a bit for the purpose of having them in our emergency storage. From the time I started looking around, I felt so overwhelmed! There are SO many options and it seemed we'd be spending a lot of money just to try out the different types, not to mention cloth diapers seem like such a change from what we're used to...I really appreciate you taking the step and sharing your experience for our benefit!

Jacki said...

I knew we were kindred spirits.

We like Bum Genius. They are pricey, but wow can they hold a night's worth of pee. I think the cloth helps with potty-training too, because she can totally feel when she goes. My second favorite would be from because it is really easy to keep the same cover on all day and just snap the inserts in and out. Thanks for sharing how you wash. I've just been tossing them into the machine during the day and then running it at night, and I think it is time to get a pail or something so I can actually get some other laundry done too.

Emma said...

Congratulations on taking the big step to cloth diapers. As Kathleen would say, "Wow, you are being GREEN!" Way to help preserve the environment and baby's bum. Not to mention your pocketbook in the long run! Sam is too cute!

Sara said...

Good for you Laura. I had no idea that cloth diapers have changed. They look so nice!

Sara said...

P.S. Thanks for you comment on my blog about survival. You are so supportive!

InMyHappyHome said...

Thanks for all the help and information! I will start looking for a good detergent soon!