Saturday, October 4, 2008

Samuel Asher's Blessing Day

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Sam was given a name and a blessing on September 7, 2008. It was a lovely day in San Marcos, and we were very happy to have our friends and family with us. Nick blessed Sam, and Bishop Currit, Nick's dad Byron, Nick's uncle Mike, and our friend Jay (Hannah's dad) assisted him. We missed our great friends the Morgans, but we were happy to see the Adams and the Pattersons come from long distances to celebrate with us. Grandmother and Grandfather (Nick's mother's parents) came too, as did Progiagia (Byron's mother - the name means "great-grandmother" in Greek) and Uncle Mike, Aunt Sally and cousin Charlie. It was a beautiful and very special moment for our growing family.

Afterwards, we had a luncheon in our home. We ate some delicious food (thanks to everyone who helped/contributed!) and visited with our friends and family.

Sam didn't seem to impressed with the whole thing. He slept through the beginning of church, awakening to smile and stare during the blessing, only to fall quickly asleep after and pretty much stayed that way until the whole shindig was over.

I wish I was smart enough to get a ton of pictures of that day, especially of Sam in his cute blessing gown (not dress - Nick told me that I was not allowed to call it a dress since our son was wearing it). I even forgot to get any family photos. Thankfully, we visited Byron and Lisa a few weeks later and recreated the moment, thus the picture at the top of the post.


Hilary said...

You're so lucky you admitted to the top picture being a recreation...I was about to out you right here in this comment!ha.

Sarah Louise said...

You guys are so beautiful. (And, seriously, that necklace in the picture is a winner.)

Emma said...

Congratulations on Sam's blessing! What a great moment! The celebration afterwards looked yummy!