Saturday, February 7, 2009

University of Utah, here we come!

Well, it is official. Nick received a phone call on Tuesday night from the University of Utah School Psychology department, extending a position and grant to him to start on his PhD in the Fall of 2009. So it looks like we are headed to Salt Lake City.

Crazy how life can change. One year ago, Nick was interviewing for internship positions. We were so grateful when he got a position with an amazing district nearby. We started saving for a house, excited to stay in this area long term.

Last fall, Nick received an e-mail from one of his professors at the University about the grant available at the U. After (almost) completing a three year specialist degree (one step up from a Masters - 69 graduate credit hours and 1800 practical hours), the last thing we were interested in was more schooling. Besides who could really afford it?

The real question is, who could pass up a free PhD.? In school psychology, those grants are somewhat few and far between. This grant covers tuition, gives a stipend, and will prepare Nick to be a leader in School Psychology. Pretty awesome.

So, after much prayerful deliberation, we are headed to the University of Utah.

I am so proud of Nick!


Jacki said...

Congratulations! I am so excited.

Theo Fam said...

We're so proud of all of you!!! YEAH NICK!!

Anna said...

HOORAY! You're a bit closer! (hee, hee) Congratulation, you guys. We love you.

Jasmine said...

Oh my gosh!! CAN'T wait!! please tell nick congratulations!

Sarah Louise said...

I should have read this earlier. Before I chatted you yesterday re this very very very same question.

Oh love. I'm an internet lamehead.

But I love you! And I'm so proud of you both!


amy said...

Hi Laura, this is Pamy. JAc ki told me y'all were moving to Utah, so I thought I'd say hi and congrats to Nick. I am in the Ed Psych department too, working on my LPC, and the school psych folks I know seem like great people. I hope it works out swell.

Is the plural of Theodosis Theodoses?

Also, I liked your post about education of boys. I have done a little reading on the subject even though I don't have kids because it does raise some interesting questions and concerns. Kinda makes me want to start a commune and do collective homeschooling/cops and robbers playing.

Anyway, congrats again--we look forward to seeing the Theodoses!

Mom said...

Needless to say, we are so excited to have Laura, Nick and our cute grandkids 5 hours away! We do love you and are so proud of you - you've both accomplished much, and we enjoy being part of your life - and will see you even more soon!