Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jacob Byron

This was on his way home from the hospital.

For the first month at home, Jacob's favorite place to sleep was on Mommy.

We did have some concern with his rebellious attitude.

He was such a thoughtful baby - he would think and plan his next move before he did it.

He still loves spending time with Daddy.

You can't really see them, but he does like to rock his cowboy boots. He never forgets that there is Texas in him.

He's picked up our love of reading - wherever he can. He is so busy, sometimes this is the only place he can find the time.

He's even thoughtful on the playground.

He loves his stuffed animals - though his best friend, Froggy, was yet to be introduced to him at this point.

For the longest time, if you asked how old he was, he would say, "16." This was because he wanted to drive.

Enjoying the bluebonnets.

Always using his imagination to play fun games.

He loves the river here.

Giving us one of his real smiles.

With his newly shorn head. He has certainly turned blonder!

Oh, Jacob. We love you so much. You surprised us, and then proceeded to teach us all about the important things in life. Compassion, empathy and a love of learning direct your life, and I am so proud of the boy you are. You bring me joy everyday, and I hope to live up to your bright example.

I love you, Boo. Happy 5th birthday.


Heather said...

Happy birthday to Jacob and to you Laura. Five was the birthday that made me seriously emo about my boy growing up, but it is a seriously awesome year, I think! I hope he has a great one.

Mother Firefly said...

happy birthday jacob! what great, wonderful pictures. I can't believe how old he looks with the new hair!

Russ said...

Happy Birthday Jacob! He is such a modern kid- cute and smart! No stereotypes on this kid!!

Erin said...

Hooray, I found you! Happy birthday, Jacob! I'll send you an invite to my blog in a second...as soon as I find an e-mail address for you...

Carrie Allen said...

Hi Laura! Look at Jacob! I remembering getting emails from you when he was first born and now he is 5?!? No way!! And you have another little guy too - so cute! It's great to get back in touch.