Saturday, May 30, 2009


Here is a little rewind of our recent events/activities:

  • Most recently we visited Papou and Giagia's house for cousin Joshua's birthday. Jacob absolutely adores his cousin Joshua, and was counting the days down to Joshua's fourth birthday party. Here is Sam playing the piano at the party:

Cowboy boots. Jacob was so excited to have a pair just like his cousin Joshua!

  • Nick's family at his graduation from Texas State with his EdS. in School Psychology. I am so proud of him, and we are looking forward to the next great adventure in education.

  • Sam and I at Papou and Giagia's house. We visited them for Jacob's fifth birthday, and he had a lovely party with family. And yes, Sam does wear clothes, but at Papou and Giaiga's house he seems to shun them.

A picture of Jacob in front of the Star Wars cake that Papou, Giagia and Aunt Shelly made (notice the chocolate and vanilla frosting - representative of the dark and light forces at work).

  • Jacob's preschool birthday party. He had a blast with his friends, and enjoyed the Star Wars cake that mommy made.

Jacob with his light sabers and Jedi tunic. It was really fun looking out over the playground and seeing eighteen Jedis.

  • Since the weather has warmed up, we have enjoyed using our pool. Sam at first was skeptical of the whole thing, but he has grown to love it (as long as the water temperature is over 80 degrees - just like his grandma likes it).

  • Last April we had the opportunity to visit Nick's Giagia, or Progiagia as the boys call her. I happened upon this photo and I love it - the joy is apparent in both of their faces.

Well, that is a quick rundown! We are cleaning out our house and purging the old in preparation for moving to Salt Lake City. We are moving June 18th, and we can't believe that our time here has come to a close. We love this area, and we are saying "see you later" to so many friends. We are so blessed to have been a part of this community, and though we are excited about the new life awaiting us in Utah, we are sad to leave this one behind.


Emma said...

Wow! What a fun rundown of the past few weeks! Happy birthday to Jacob, was the birthday cake at the park smoking?? We love Jedi's... Congratulations to Nick on his graduation. That is wonderful!

Emily Gerow said...

What fun! I am so excited for you to come back to Utah. Although I know how hard it is to pack up your life and move. Let us know if you need any help when you get here!

Russ said...

I just love you, and your family. It's fun to see what ya'll have been up to!

Heather said...

what great pictures! it seems like this is the busiest time of year. congratulations on graduation and birthdays and milestones all around :)

Mom said...

Wonderful, lovely family photos, especially that one of Progiagia and Sam!