Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jacob is in kindergarten!

I can't believe that Jacob is in kindergarten! He loves it so much - everyday he hurries me to the car because he wants to be there.

The night before Jacob started school, we had a celebration with all of his favorite foods: homemade chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese, peas and chocolate cake. We talked about our family theme for the year "anchoring our souls to Christ," in family home evening, and then Nick gave Jacob a father's blessing. It was wonderful! We also presented Jacob with his very own school journal that I had made for him. I look forward to seeing the pages filled with his memories and pictures.

Walking in! My big, brave boy.


Cameron and Katie said...

Is he tall, or is it just me? He looks like such a big kid!

Mom said...

Jacob is so darn cute and independent, walking in by himself and riding the bus by himself, too!

Emma said...

Wow! A big kindergartener... He's growing up so fast!

Unknown said...

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