Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Here are some of our favorite Jacob moments from the past week:

  • Nick, teasing Jacob, told him, "You have an answer for everything! What is three plus three?" Without skipping a beat, Jacob said, "Actually, that would be six." Genius.
  • Today I was the snack parent for preschool. Jacob picked bananas, yogurt, and pigs in a blanket (his favorite) for snack. The smell of the pigs in a blanket were definitely strong in the car. Jacob said, "That is the sweet smell of joy. And by joy, I mean pigs in a blanket."
  • During Jacob's prayers last week he was really petitioning Heavenly Father for help. During his prayer he said, "please bless me that I may not have any nightmares tonight. I'm really serious about this, Jesus. Really serious."
I love him so much!


Paul said...

That was so funny! "I'm really serious about this." LOL!

Anna said...

Absolutely PRICELESS. What a dear and darling boy you have.

Trisha said...

We had some good laughs over these!