Friday, March 13, 2009

Recent Photos

Here are some photos that I have taken recently. My friend, Hilary, and I are taking photography lessons, and it is a ton of fun to play around with my camera. We've only had one class so far, but it is really fun to get comfortable with the manual function of the camera. So far we've learned about metering, middle gray and movement. I don't get to practice as much as I'd like, but I do feel like I am improving. My goal with the class is to be a better photographer so that I can record our family story through photos.

We visited Byron and Lisa's home the past two weekends, and here are some photos from it.

Sam (we've been calling him "Little Bear" lately) crawling around

Jacob ("Boo") being sad for some reason I can't even remember:

Jacob being serious:

Sam reflecting:

Sam's attitude whenever Jacob is around:

Jacob's preschool also took an unofficial field trip to the childrens' museum a week ago. Here he is with his friend Marley (they both love Star Wars):

And here Jacob is blasting off:


Paul said...

The pictures are so good! My favorite is Sam's face when he sees Jacob. That one is priceless. You're taking great pictures!

Heather said...

These are cute! I especially like the floor in the first one, great composition :)

Cami said...

You are an amazing photographer!! I agree with Paul that I love Sam's smiling face. He's such a darling! Oh, Ethan did his first crawl today! Yay! It would be awesome to see Sam and Ethan crawling around the room together. When are you moving to Utah?