Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Children's Museum

On Friday we met up with some friends at the children's museum. We had a blast! We drove down with Jamie and JT, and met Jacob's friends from church and preschool. Jacob was really excited - it had been too long since we had last visited. All morning long he kept on proclaiming it the best day ever.

It really is a neat place - it is pretty much one big room with different exhibits, so Jacob had some freedom. The museum is set up as a little community - there is a hospital, house, grocery store, outdoor area, bank, newspaper office and outer space area just to name a few exhibits. Here are some photos of the fantastic day:

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Emma said...

It looks like Jacob had a great day. I love that the rocking horses have real saddles! I have never seen that anywhere else before. Jacob is a great astronaut!