Friday, October 31, 2008

Dar Williams

Last night I went to a Dar Williams/Shawn Mullins concert in Austin with my great friends Hilary and C. It was so amazing. I admit, I kind of forgot who Shawn Mullins was until midway through his set when he referenced his "monster hit" - Roackabye. Remember? Yeah. It was pretty good, though I must say I am glad he went first so that I could fully enjoy Dar, and leave with the glow of her music on me.

She played some wonderful songs - notably such favorites as "The Christians and the Pagans," "As Cool as I Am," and "After All." I actually can tell you her whole set list - in order. And not just from memory. My amazingly brave friend Hilary went up to the stage after the concert was done and retrieved not one, but two set lists - one for me and one for her. Her bravery was born of experience - eight years ago she attended a Dar concert and received a set list there too. So great.

The venue was awesome. The concert was presented by the Cactus Cafe at UT and took place in the Ballroom - an intimate setting that added to the wonderful overall feel of the concert. Hil laughed at me during the second half of the concert - I most definitely had perma-grin.

After the concert we waited around and Dar signed our set lists and took a picture with us. I admit, I was a little star-struck when it was my turn to speak to her. I think (and I am sure that Hil can correct me on this) I said something like - "I'm so happy and I can't find any other words." It was silly, and true.

Ah, beautiful music, a beautiful night, and wonderfully beautiful friends. Thanks Hil and C. And a big thank you to Nick who stayed home (though he loves Dar too) to watch the boys so I could enjoy the evening out.

Oh, and as soon as Hil posts the picture on her blog I will steal it and post it here.


Hilary said...

SUPER DAR! Loved you.

Sarah Louise said...


I'm starstruck by you.