Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

This year I was determined to do family-themed Halloween costumes. Back in June we asked Jacob what he wanted to be for Halloween. He said Captain Hook so we went from there.

We found Jacob's costume at the Disney store (an ebay version of it, at any rate) and my blue nightgown was discovered at Kohls. When I was in Utah visiting my family, my mother, sister-in-law Emma and I all tackled Sam's Peter Pan costume - we dyed a white t-shirt and tights green and fashioned a hat out of green felt. My favorite part? Brown booties made from felt and rubber bands.

Nick's Mr. Smee outfit was constructed from pants and a cheap t-shirt we bought at the store, and I sewed him a red sleep hat out of an old t-shirt. The finished family product was something I was extremely proud of.

It was good we were actually prepared in advance, as we had lots of fun Halloween obligations this year - we attended a BBQ party at our friend's house, had the church's trunk-or-treat on Wednesday night, Jacob's pre-shool party on Thursday and went trick-or-treating this morning. It was a very successful, if drawn out, Halloween. And Jacob has fully embraced the concept of candy. Oh, well.


Hilary said...

So cute....all of you!

Sara said...

I love Halloween costumes that go together! So fun!

Anna said...

Your costumes are awesome! I love it when a family does a theme. All we can say is all our kids dressed as Disney characters. Not much to boast of!

Sarah Louise said...

You guys are beautiful!

Cami said...

This is Cami. What a cute idea! I absolutely love the costumes. I can't believe that Sam and Jacob are so big! I can't wait to see all of you guys next week and eat lots of food together. Love ya all!