Saturday, October 4, 2008

Random Photos

My mom wanted to see what the Moby wrap looks like, so I thought I would share! I love it so much, and Sam is certainly cozy in it. We use it a ton - going food shopping, picking up Jacob from preschool- everywhere. I highly recommend it!

I just really like Jacob's eyes in this photo:


Jasmine said...

laura, so awesome that you're using cloth! they're pretty fun, eh? we've actually just inherited some gdiapers, but nothing beats those pocket diapers. as for the it. we were cheap and just bought fabric. i think it's a little bulkier than the real deal but it works well enough. wish we lived closer to eachother. seems like we have similar parenting styles :)
love you lots
p.s. your boys are adorable. you are so lucky!

Emma said...

Sam sure looks snuggly in his wrap! I bet he feels very secure in there!

Russ said...

so cute! Jacob looks so grown up!

Heather said...

He looks so cozy! If you feel adventurous, I love the Tibetan rucksack carry for small babies. It's nice to have them on your back sometimes so you can have a little more freedom of movement. It takes a little practices but is wonderful once you get the hang of it.

There is a video here if you aren't familiar:

Jasmine said...

that would be SO awesome if you moved to salt lake! waht are the chances? what does nick do?